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Catriona is a performer of mixed Malaysian, Canadian and British heritage, based in Cardiff. Catriona trained at East 15 Acting School and has worked in theatre, screen, audio and dance productions across the UK and internationally.


Recent live performance work includes the development of a new physical theatre show for children with B Team Theatre, and the durational dance installation How Shall We Begin Again? led by Jo Fong. Recent screen work includes the theatrical film #thebabyquestion (Varjack-Lowry) and an appearance in the third season of His Dark Materials (BBC/Bad Wolf).


Past projects have entailed work for companies such as Hijinx, Constanza Macras DorkyPark (Berlin) and National Theatre Wales.


Catriona is a learner of the Welsh langauge.

Actor Canadian Cardiff

Catriona James (She/They/Hi/Nhw)

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