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Our books are open!  Although we are welcoming applications from all actors, we are particularly interested in the following at this time: Male identifying actors with a playing age of 50+ and all actors from the Global Majority.
Oren Actors Management is an actors' co-operative.  We are an agency run collectively by the actors who make up our membership.  Generally, unless we are involved in commission-paying work, we contribute time each week to running the office.  Feel free to give us a call if you require more information, or ask one of our members if you meet us. 

If you think that co-operative management is right for you, then we encourage you to get in touch.  We seek primarily - though not exclusively - actors who have trained at an accredited drama school.  We need to get a clear sense of your abilities, so we recommend you contact us when you have a performance we can watch.  This could be a professional theatre production, or even a strong showreel.  We need to see a professional headshot and your professional acting CV.  A covering letter that indicates why you are interested in joining our co-op may strengthen your application.

Oren encourages all applicants to be a member of Equity. You must be a member of Spotlight before applying.

We accept applications by email (but please link to large files like videos).


Please bear in mind that our office is based in Cardiff.  Our office shifts are a combination of office-based and remote working, and on occasion you will be required to complete training, attend meetings and undertake other agency duties in person.


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